Welcome to Contactizer Express 3.8 the latest member of the Contactizer family: Our new, easy-to-use, affordable but powerful Contact Manager for Mac OS X. Built from the identical core as Contactizer Pro, Express version features the same intuitive user interface and innovative approach that has been universally praised by both users and press alike.

Top 10 Core Capabilities:

  • 3 main modules: Tasks, Projects & Contacts management
  • Ability to manage projects and track their progress via Steps and Resources.
  • Tag contacts, tasks, and projects with unlimited & multiple category labels.
  • HTML & Text email template builder / sender included.
  • Task type definition connected to concrete follow-up actions (phone call, send fax, write email,...).
  • Invitation follow-up management for Tasks.
  • All Contactizer lists support Smart Groups that make your data even more organized.
  • Merge Letters via Microsoft Word or Apple Pages.
  • Synchronization with iSync that makes data available for your digital devices.
  • Built-in Google Map Search service for contact addresses location.
  • Quick edit any Contactizer data direcly in the Detail View.

All Features

User's Benefits:

  • Manage daily business project, complete them step by step and find all attached resources using one click.
  • Organize & access all contact activities in a single centralized view.
  • Real-time sharing of all your contacts and tasks with colleagues in only one mouse click.
  • Prioritize and organize your work with unlimited color-coded categories.
  • Customize mouse actions and instant editing of any element.

Tomorrow Today Contactizer

OS X LionDesigned precisely for Mac OS X, Contactizer is the #1 solution that redefines contact management by providing all revolutionnary functionalities you could ever expect. Contactizer has been built using the top-notch Mac OS X technologies (Cocoa, Spotlight, Core Image, Core Data...) resulting in an outstanting user experience. The future will be even more amazing as Objective Decision will add new and innovative features to the existing product.